Chosen Art Tattoo Artists

All of the tattoo artists at Chosen Art are hand selected for their unique skill sets as well as their winning attitudes and stand up character. The idea is that each tattoo artist possesses a skill that the others can learn and grow from, to insure the collective never ceases to stop progressing as artists.

Eric “Trouble” Jones   Tim Bruder
Eric Jones, , Tattoo Artist at Chosen Art Tattoo Tim Bruder, Tattoo Artist at Chosen Art Tattoo
 Aaron Stewart Jason Gilb  Jake McKeen



The growth and knowledge will never stop because it is always being fed by unique abilities and the persistent urge to get better. As a very welcomed side effect, there is a tattoo artist in the shop for any kind of tattoo idea that a client could walk through the door with. Chosen Art is without a doubt one of the most capable and versatile shops in Arizona. Our team of talented and experienced tattoo artists delivers quality custom tattoo work that you can be proud to wear on your body for the rest of your life. We take pride in maintaining a clean and professional workplace as well as an inviting art gallery where our artists and friends display their various work. Follow Chosen Art Tattoo on Instagram and see our daily showcase of tattoos and body artwork.