The Truth About White Ink Tattoos

Part of the fun of getting a tattoo is having a unique piece of art on your body. This is usually achieved by choosing a design that is well put together and is meaningful to you, but there are other ways to go unique. One form of tattooing that is growing in popularity is the white ink tattoo. These are pieces that are not that easy to see in natural light, but which really shine when out at a club or some other place with UV lighting. They will take on a fluorescent look under that type of light, which is why they are fast becoming the tattoo of choice for those who like to hit the club scene.
Of course, that isn’t the only reason why people are drifting towards white ink tattoos, so what we are going to do here is look at some of the pros and cons of this particular style. What we will say before getting into this subject is that while these tattoos may be different from the colored variety in a number of ways, you should use the same criteria when looking for an artist. That means looking for someone who has experience doing white ink tattoos, as things can go very badly wrong otherwise.
One of the biggest benefits of a white ink tattoo is that they are not readily visible. This makes them a good option for people who want to get inked, but who work in industries where they are still somewhat frowned upon. Since they don’t have an outline that you find in traditional tattoos, they end up looking more like a raised piece of skin or a branding, as opposed to a tattoo. It’s certainly a unique style, and by choosing the right type of design for your skin pigmentation, you can end up with a tattoo that really pops out in the right light.
A white ink tattoo looks great in the very early stages, but it can turn bad over the course of time. If not done properly, you can end up with something that looks like a skin disease as opposed to a piece of art. Exposure to the elements can cause a chemical reaction that turns the white ink to yellow or greenish hues, which is certainly not very attractive. Certain skin pigmentations will not be suited to white ink tattoos, which is why it is all the more important to find a tattooist who can make a proper recommendation.
There is a very specific process involved in creating a white ink tattoo, and it can only be done by an experienced artist. It is a very real possibility that if it is not done correctly it can disappear entirely. Any mistakes made in this process can lead to you ending up with a jacked up white ink tattoo. This is one style where your due diligence and research is essential.