What Is A Job Killer Tattoo?

Article Updated for 2020

Pros and Cons of Having a Tattoo at the Workplace in 2020

A workplace is usually where one is supposed to uphold a professional attitude. Professionalism should be represented in multiple ways. For example, verbal and written communication or dressing.

Most companies have defined policies that their employees must agree to follow and uphold as long as they are working for them. Fortunately, there are ways to hide a “job killer tattoo”.

Knowing this, one can question if it is allowed to have tattoos at any workplace. It is also a question that if employers can prohibit an employee from getting a tattoo despite the right to their own bodies.

Most companies don’t see the prohibition of tattoos as a prejudice. Instead, they believe that businesses want to offer a positive image to their customers and tattoos or piercings usually do the opposite.

Of course, the world has evolved and body ink is not considered a negative choice. However, it can be hard to eliminate long ingrained opinions. Therefore, we can’t completely name organizations for prohibiting tattoos.


Tattoo Fact

In 2016, Psych Central referenced an article written by the American Academy of Dermatology:

…about half of the people in their 20s have either a tattoo or body piercing (other than for pierced earrings) and the number is growing.

Do You Have a “Job Killer Tattoo”?

In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of having tattoos at the workplace and what is a job killer tattoo?

Pros of Tattoos at Workplace

If you have body ink, then you might think that getting a job will be impossible given how professionalism is an issue. However, the tattoos can often work in your favor:

  • Tattoos will often make you come across as bold and confident. These are quality that most modern business organizations seek in their employees
  • This is not necessary but an old perception about tattoos is that the person is not a stickler for rules. Certain millennial business organizations will prefer employees that are flexible and ready to find loopholes when required
  • If you looking for certain type of job; specifically where you fit in with the tattoos, then there are niches where you will be preferred. For example, lifeguards, cafes aimed at a young audience, gym coach, sports, etc.

Cons of Tattoos at Workplace

This is where you will learn about what is a job killer tattoo. Here are cons for body ink-loving people in the job sector:

  • You might be rejected or fired for portraying a non-positive image for the company
  • Some might think having too much body ink is unhygienic
  • Even if you are allowed to work despite body ink, you might face discrimination from other employees; fail to fit in

When answering the question of what is a job killer tattoo, you may think any type of body ink is. However, you can find a balance between your love for tattoos and aim to have a good career. Many tattoos can be inked on body parts that are not always visible. This may seem like limiting your personality but given the current status quo of the business world, you need to decide if limiting your career is an option.

Getting tattoos or not getting them is a personal choice but a career is important too. While people should not get to judge you, you need a career for a stable life. You may even find an opportunity to change status quo regarding tattoos at workplaces.

Express Yourself!

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and display some beautiful art.

Whether it’s a personal tribute to a loved one who’s passed away or a commitment to be brave in life, a tattoo can be a cathartic and amazing addition to any statement of who you are as an individual.

To find out more about getting your first tattoo or to set up an appointment, fill out a consultation form today!


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