Tattoo Aftercare

How To Care For A New Tattoo

Read on to learn the 6 steps for new tattoo aftercare.

How To Care For A New Tattoo  

Getting a new tattoo should be an exhilarating experience. No matter how much ink you’ve gotten in the past – or plan to get in the future – every piece tells its own story and has its own meaning.

And no matter how many tattoos you’ve gotten before, tattoo aftercare will always be an important part of caring for your ink.

Whether you’re looking for a refresher on how to care for a new tattoo or researching new tattoo aftercare for the first time, our guide will cover everything you need to know about making sure your ink looks fresh and bold for years to come.


6 Steps For New Tattoo Aftercare

No matter where you go to get your next tattoo, there are six basic steps to tattoo aftercare that everyone should follow. While different shops may recommend different brands or products to go with each of these steps, the end result should be the same.

1. Gently wash your tattoo roughly 2 to 5 hours after having it done with a mild, unscented soap. While your shop may recommend a different brand, Carex is a readily available soap solution that works well for new tattoo aftercare.

2. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer over the entire surface of the tattoo three to five times a day. Again, while your shop may have a specific brand of moisturizer they recommend, any option should be unscented and free of any additives like dyes.

3. Avoid direct sunlight on your tattoo as often as possible, This is especially important while the ink is healing, but even afterwards, keeping your tattoo out of the sun will help it look bright and vibrant for as long as possible.

4. Keep your tattoo clean and dry at all times. While a standard shower is fine, you should avoid completely submerging your new tattoo underwater for at least 30 days.

5. Follow the guidelines set by your tattoo artist. Depending on the type of tattoo you have done, your new tattoo aftercare may need to be altered slightly. No one knows better than the professionals who work with tattoos every day!

6. Never scratch your new tattoo! One of the most important parts of tattoo aftercare is resisting the urge to scratch or itch the healing skin! If you feel the need, you may want to gently pat the area to avoid permanently damaging your new tattoo.


Do You Have To Wrap A New Tattoo?

On average, your tattoo artist will recommend leaving your new ink wrapped for at least three to five hours after leaving the shop.

In some cases, they may recommend leaving the tattoo covered for a longer period of time. If your tattoo is on an area of the body that comes into constant contact with clothing or fabric, the tattoo artist may recommend keeping it wrapped throughout the healing process as a part of your tattoo aftercare. If you’re unsure how long it should stay wrapped, or if you should rewrap your tattoo at any point, just ask the shop for advice!

Why Is Tattoo Aftercare So Important?

Congratulations on your new tattoo! No doubt you put a lot of time and energy into deciding exactly what you wanted done and where you wanted it permanently inked onto your body. Just as important as the style, placement, and quality of your finished ink, tattoo aftercare can make all the difference between a beautiful piece of art and something you may regret for years to come.

By following these six basic new tattoo aftercare steps your ink will be fully healed and ready to show off before you know it. And remember – when in doubt, simply ask your tattoo artist for their advice!

Express Yourself!

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and display some beautiful art.

Whether it’s a personal tribute to a loved one who’s passed away or a commitment to be brave in life, a tattoo can be a cathartic and amazing addition to any statement of who you are as an individual.

To find out more about getting your first tattoo or to set up an appointment, fill out a consultation form today!


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