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What is a Job Killer Tattoo?

What is a Job Killer Tattoo?

What is a job killer tattoo? Do you have one? There’s a grey line between what isn’t and what is a job killer tattoo. Find out here if yours is safe!

White Ink Tattoos in 2020: Pros and Cons

White Ink Tattoos in 2020: Pros and Cons

WHITE INK TATTOOS IN 2020*Updated for 2020* - What Are The Pros and Cons of Getting White Ink Tattoos? White Ink Tattoos: Pros and ConsThe white ink tattoos craze in 2020 has been trending for years now and it does not appear to let up any time soon. Especially when...

Tattoo Aftercare: Essential Guide

Tattoo Aftercare: Essential Guide

A tattoo is a great accessory and it shows off your personality. Tattoo Aftercare is crucial for best results. Learn more about Tattoo Aftercare today!

2020 Tattoo Trends

2020 Tattoo Trends

Today, we’re compiling an in-depth guide at the greatest 2020 tattoo trends.

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