5 Neo-Traditional Tattoos You Should Consider Getting Today!

What Are Neo-Traditional Tattoos?

Neo-traditional tattoos began appearing in the early 2000s. Now, they’re among the most popular style of tattoo out there. Here are 5 unique neo-traditional tattoo ideas you should consider. A modern twist on a traditional classic. The neo-traditional tattoo is a popular choice for many ink lovers.

Homage to the traditional American designs with a modern, bolder color palette, there is no limit to the depth of expression that this style of tattoo can bring.

After all, tattoos are something that is often deeply personal for the wearer and carries with them some greater meaning expressed within the visual design.


Neo-Traditional Tattoos

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Keep reading for some inspiring neo-traditional tattoos that can get your mind turning.

1. Skulls And Serpents

There are not many combinations that go better together than skulls and serpents. The imagery, the powerful nature of the two intertwined. With bold lines and strong colors, you can create an impressive sleeve or upper back tattoo.

The pair offers a lot of different options giving you the freedom to express yourself within the design while remaining faithful to the core elements of traditional tattoo design.

2. Tribal Designs

Not only do tribal designs include the tribal patterns but also images and figures. From tribal leaders, chiefs, and warriors to their iconic totem poles and carvings.

There is a deep meaning already associated with tribal designs that when you combine that with a personal one you get a kick-ass tattoo you can be proud of.

3. Sugar Skulls

A vintage portrait of a beautiful woman decorated with the vibrant sugar skull design. A powerful and striking image that is the epitome of neo-traditional body art.

While a modern tattoo could render a more three-dimensional image, there is something about this design that works great with the boldness of traditional tattoo designs.

4. Swords

When thinking of a classic image that needs a bold outline then swords are definitely one of the first things to come to mind. There is a deep history linking tattoos and warrior clans.

If you then enhance that with a splash of color, some roses or flowers of some kind, you get a vibrant design that will stand out from the crowd for a long time to come.

5. Vikings

Vikings strike fear into the hearts and souls of men. There is a long-standing fascination with these Norse warriors

Bold by nature these tattoos work well on a large scale. A full, back or chest piece with solid colors and a bold hand, even on the finer lines, creates a powerful tattoo that people will love.

There is No End to the Options With a Neo-Traditional Tattoos

If you want a neo-traditional tattoo, then there is no limit to the options you could choose from.

Nautical to folklore, spiritual or supernatural, the mix of classic American tattooing and modern color schemes can work with everything.

Tattoos carry with them a personal meaning and that is the one thing that goes above everything else. There is no such thing as the right or wrong design because ultimately, the choice is yours and your reasons for choosing it never need to be explained.

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