Guest Artist Spotlight:

Gloria Faron

Gloria Faron – Guest Tattoo Artist

Gloria Faron, Oshkah Kinew, Blue Golden Eagle, is a phenomenal tattoo artist at Foxed Tattoo, hailing all the way from Warsaw, Poland.

Faron will be a guest tattoo artist at Chosen Art Tattoo from March 15th – 26th.

She is also a Fire Performer at FORM – Fireshow and More.

Learn more about Gloria Faron below and come on out to support this amazing guest artist from March 15th – 26th, 2019!



About Gloria Faron

“I’ve been tattooing for four years in a private studio in Warsaw, Poland. This year, I graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Art, and I’m traveling for five months right now. I had Guest Spots in Canada, Inkdigenous Studio in Toronto, Rainfire Tattoo in Vancouver, and Ink by Rodriguez in Winnipeg. Right now, I’m in the jungle of Peru, straight after the ceremonies and shamanic teachings, which gave me huge inspiration and a clarity to bring new energy into my work. The most important part of my tattoos are the intention. I use, consciously, symbols of many cultures, runes, and intuition. Each of the designs are an eternal talisman that becomes part of the person, positively affecting their life. I connect tattoo ceremony with meditation, guiding through inside teachings, meeting with spiritual animals, or Rapee Ceremony.

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Mythical Beast Tattoo by Gloria Faron
Mixed Media Line Work Tattoo by Gloria Faron
Chest Geometric Tattoos by Gloria Faron
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