2019 Tattoo Trends & Beyond

These 2019 tattoo trends are so incredible they may very well blast through this year and into the next!

That’s why we’re here to share with you some of our favorite 2019 tattoo trends.

Popular 2019 Tattoo Trends & Beyond

Back in October 2018, we first began discussing what the future of tattoos will be. Will our 2019 tattoo trends predictions and the tattoo industry both remain relevant? Thankfully, yes. In fact, the tattoo industry has no signs of slowing down.

Today, we’re back on the topic of old school versus the new school. Old school held more “conservative” symbolism than these 2019 tattoo trends. It’s safe to say the new school keeps the old school spirit alive with its more bright and contrasting colors and style, respectively.

However, it’s best to keep in mind that where you are getting tattooed is often a factor so try and avoid job killer tattoos that will affect your ability to get the job you always dreamed of. Especially in 2019. 

Not everyone is open-minded about ink on their employees. Yet.


What 2018 Tattoo Trends Survived Going Into 2019?

Truth be told, today’s “new school” tattoo trends are not without last years trends or “old school” styles. As society at large evolves, and with pop culture ever expanding rapidly, today’s 2019 tattoo trends becomes a blend of 2018 tattoo trends.

1. Neo-Traditional Tattoos

These tattoos are making an uproar in 2018. Neo-traditional designs are among our timeless tattoo trends with their vintage design and bright colors. These are great tattoo options for guys.

In fact, we’d dare to say that they’re the most attractive tattoos for guys. You can turn this style into a series of images. Make a bright colored sleeve tattoo that transforms your body into the canvas of your dreams.

2. Underboob Tattoos

This takes the “free the nipple” movement one step further. This trend has women of all ages getting intricate designs under their boobs. The collages are gorgeous.

If you want a little something different so you don’t match the tattoo trends that everyone else is doing, switch it up. Instead of cute vintage, how about a meaningful quote. Be a daredevil! Have a tattoo artist design a heart bursting from your chest in bright, beautiful colors.

It’s your body, and tattoos last a lifetime. Be sure you choose what you like the most and feel comfortable with.

3. White Ink Tattoos

Let us dish the inside scoop about white ink tattoos! They’ve been trending now for a while, but what are the pros and cons of white ink tattoos? Well, as always, it’s super important to choose the tattoo shop for you.

Don’t settle, and always speak up! Don’t get bullied into getting a tattoo somewhere you feel unsafe. Safety is key.

That also includes professionalism. Choose a tattoo artist that can back up their experience. Ask to see pictures or research their website before you go in.

Before jumping headfirst into these 2018 tattoo trends, be sure to check out the pros and cons. While they’re cool, unique, and pretty. White ink tattoos can fade faster, and it’s uncertain how it’ll show up on different skin tones.

4. Geometrical Designs

Squares, triangles, octagons! Geometrical shapes are some of the hottest tattoos on the market. The trending style is to get the tattoo on the forearm, along with the wrist.

Some sport these tattoos on their hands and fingers. But, be on the lookout for job-killer tats!

These tattoos look sexy with glittery jewelry for women. For men, they’ll look great with a wristwatch.

5. Flower Power

Flower designs are timeless, classy, and elegant. To keep up with the latest trends, you might think about adding in an animal.

Many have chosen their animal totem and surrounded the sketch with flowers. A lion surrounded by flowers portrays courage, strength, and wildness.

Here Are Our 2019 Tattoo Trends Predictions

Now that you have seen what 2018 tattoo trends have survived into 2019, let’s take a look at our 2019 tattoo trends predictions.

1. Mixed-Media Tattoos

Arguably the most notorious of 2019 tattoo trends are mixed-media tattoos. These tattoos combine old school with the new school, adding a new layer of depth and impact in the overall piece. Mixed media tattoos often combine bright and contrasting colors, utilizing neon colors such as atomic pink, electric blue, orange, purple, etc… Often times a 3D effect comes into play when designing mixed media tattoos. While 3D isn’t new, it gives this style more depth. 

2019 Tattoo Trends - Mixed Media Tattoos - Chosen Art Tattoo

2. Hand Tattoos

One general rule of thumb here is that the more bones there are in the area where you want your tattoo, the more painful it will be. The same holds true for hand tattoos. Some cite Ariana Grande as the source for this rising trend however, the artist behind this tattoo, @girlknewyork, explains it is due to the gradual increase in cost for tattoos in 2019, and people want them in “open” or “visible” areas to be admired.

2019 Tattoo Trends - Hand Tattoos - Chosen Art Tattoo - Image Credit Belongs To @girlknewyork

3. 90’s “Ignorant Tattoos”

“Ignorant Tattoos”, born in 1990’s, was pioneered by famous French grafitti artist, Fuzi UVTPK. These kind of tattoos are often criticized as being anything but art itself but lends itself as a “post-ironic” style. It’s style is said to be more “like tongue-in-cheek, cartoon-like imagery mostly consisting of bold linework and zero coloration.

2019 Tattoo Trends - 90s Ignorant Tattoos - Chosen Art Tattoo

4. Ear Tattoos

While styling or dressing up the ear via piercing isn’t a new trend, getting inner ear tattoos is definitely a new(er) one. Hannah Kang of Nice Tattoo in New York has stated this will become one of the largest 2019 tattoo trends and perhaps beyond. More and more people are beginning to request this particular style early on.

2019 Tattoo Trends - Ear Tattoos - Chosen Art Tattoo - Image & Art Belongs to 𝐇𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐚𝐡 𝐊𝐚𝐧𝐠🇰🇷

5. Sticker Tattoos

Adding more to the 3D effect are the sticker tattoos. These tattoos give the tattoo a phenomenally new school 3D effect, combined with old-school neo-traditional styling, making it look as though it is “peeling away” from the skin.

2019 Tattoo Trends - Sticker Tattoos - Chosen Art Tattoo - Image & Art Credit Belongs to Sergey Shanko

What Are Your 2019 Tattoo Trends Predictions?

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and display some beautiful art.

Whether it’s a personal tribute to a loved one who’s passed away or a commitment to be brave in life, a tattoo can be a cathartic and amazing addition to any statement of who you are as an individual.

To find out more about getting a 2019 tattoo trends style tattoo or your first tattoo or to set up an appointment, fill out a consultation form today!


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