5 Best Places on the Body to Put Your First Tattoo

Are you trying to decide where you should put your first tattoo?

Read on to learn the 5 best places on the body to ink your first tattoo.

Where You Get Your First Tattoo Depends on What Ink You’re Getting

What you are getting tattooed is often a factor in where you want to get your first tattoo. You may want to avoid job killer tattoos that will affect your ability to get the job you always dreamed of.

Not everyone is open-minded about ink on their employees.

It’s important to remember that the ink you get is a statement that others will see. While that’s the point of getting one, you don’t want it to have a negative effect on the opportunities available to you.

It shouldn’t be that way but the wrong tattoo in the wrong place on your body can have consequences you’ll regret later in life.


Making the Right Choice for You

The statement you want to make with your tattoo can be the deciding factor on where you get a tattoo.

1. Wrist Tattoo

Wrist tattoos are extremely popular right now. Many get a wrist tattoo to make a statement about mental health. Variations of the semicolon tattoo have been chosen by thousands in support of suicide and depression awareness. It signifies continuing in life when you could have put a period by ending it.

2. Ankle Tattoos

The ankle is a popular place to get a first tattoo. It’s easy to hide but sexy as hell when you do want to show it off. Subtle but vibrant, ankle tattoos easily make our list.¬†Flowers, hearts, snakes or a neo-traditional design all look great. It may be a little more painful than choosing someplace like your shoulder or hip but with the right tattoo artist and a stiff upper lip you’ll be happy with the end results.

3. Shoulder Tattoos

The outer shoulder is the perfect place for a tattoo virgin to start. This area is one of the least painful places to pop your tattoo cherry and it’s enough surface area for pretty much any design you want.

If you’re worried about the sting of your first tattoo make sure you discuss any concerns with your tattoo artist. They can apply an anesthetic cream to ease the pain.

It’s also fairly easy to cover up this tattoo with almost any shirt if attending an ultra-conservative family function.

4. Your Booty

Your bum is fleshy (no matter how skinny you are) and therefore a great place to get a tattoo without a lot of discomfort. It’s easy to hide from anyone who doesn’t see you naked and a popular choice for women looking to get a seductive or fun design to show off to their significant other without suffering pain in the process.

5. Legs are Great for First Tattoos

Whether you decide to get your tattoo on your upper thigh or your calf, this is a great choice for your very first ink. Both offer the benefit of lots of space for any design you want and the needle won’t be hitting bone so you don’t have to worry about the same amount of pain you’d have with a hip, head or ribcage tattoos.

The leg is a popular place for all genders and any design. It also gives the opportunity and space to expand and add on to your tattoo if you want to keep up with the latest design trends.

Express Yourself with Your First Tattoo

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and display some beautiful art.

Whether it’s a personal tribute to a loved one who’s passed away or a commitment to be brave in life, a tattoo can be a cathartic and amazing addition to any statement of who you are as an individual.

To find out more about getting your first tattoo or to set up an appointment, fill out a consultation form today!


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